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School uniforms

Students’ works on Padlet This activity is perfect for creative students. They got the task of researching what school uniforms looked like in the past. They drew them, together with new designs according to their own ideas. All the results were shared in a Padlet, thus allowing each other to observe the differences between cultures, …

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Fun then and fun now

Bulgarian students playing the game ‘Two is little, three is a lot’ Students did research on traditional children’s games that were popular in their countries. They shared the results with other students. Then, students from each country played games from other countries. They filmed themselves. To compare the experiences of traditional play and modern amusement, …

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The history of schools and educational policies

The goal of this activity was to become more familiar with historical schools in students’ own countries and to compare them with other countries. Students learned about this topic in different ways, according to local opportunities. Some students had a visit from the local school history museum, while others did some research of their own. …

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Teachers, students and parents – the changes in relationships

A still from the Bulgarian students’ film Students in each country wrote scripts for plays which showed how the relationship of all participants in the teaching process had developed in the given periods. The students wrote about the relationships between teachers, students and parents, in the past and now. Due to the pandemic restrictions, the plays were …

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