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Month: January 2022

Grandparents at school

A photo from a student’s work Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, our students’ grandparents were not able to come to school, but that is why our students had pleasant conversations with them at home. Students and their grandparents organized tea partues and discussed students’ behaviour at school in the past, as well as the punishments …

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School uniforms

Students’ works on Padlet This activity is perfect for creative students. They got the task of researching what school uniforms looked like in the past. They drew them, together with new designs according to their own ideas. All the results were shared in a Padlet, thus allowing each other to observe the differences between cultures, …

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Fun then and fun now

Bulgarian students playing the game ‘Two is little, three is a lot’ Students did research on traditional children’s games that were popular in their countries. They shared the results with other students. Then, students from each country played games from other countries. They filmed themselves. To compare the experiences of traditional play and modern amusement, …

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