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Participants with their attendance certificates

The First Physical Mobility in Our Project: Stereotypes, Sofia, Bulgaria

During the week from 21.03.2022 to 25.03.2022, the topic of Stereotypes was finalized. 25. Dr Petar Beron Primary School hosted an international meeting with students and teachers from partner schools in Romania and Croatia. The week passed dynamically, filled with many activities related to stereotypes. The students participated in seminars on several topics: “Stereotypes before and now”, “Stereotypes in my country”, “Stereotypes in cinema”, “Children’s stereotypes – a different view”. The last topic was presented by Mrs. Nadka Dokovska – director of the school. As soon as she appeared before the participants in the project, she broke the stereotypes in the ideas about the director’s vision and caused a storm of applause from everyone, and then from the first to the last moment dominated the audience with her interesting presentation.

During the mobility, many practical activities took place, such as creating posters, modeling sculptures and making T-shirts using textile materials.

Especially exciting was the last day of the international meeting, when a special guest speaker was Dr. Vanya Kastreva, Head of RWU – Sofia. She warmly greeted the participants in the project, then presented her views on “Stereotypes in Education”. Everyone present was very impressed by her presentation, which emphasized the idea that stereotypes are created and destroyed by people, some are positive, others – not, but most importantly, that together we can make the world and in particular education better. 

Finally, Dr. Vanya Kastreva handed out the certificates to the participants in the project and wished all new European partnerships and meetings.


This is the list of activities by days:



Welcome to our school! Greeting from the headmistress

Presentation of the project coordinators from each partner country

Presentation of the students participating in the project ( one group representative for each country).

Presentation on “Stereotypes – before and now”. Discussion.

Making a poster with slogans – painting, coloring, design.

Walking tour of Sofia



Presentation of a presentation on “Stereotypes in my country”. Discussion.

Lecture on the topic: “Children’s stereotypes – a different view”.

Meeting with a guest lecturer, workshop

Free time to make a movie about stereotypes



Workshop –  modeling a character wearing a chosen stereotype

Exhibition of the art products

Workshop –  T-shirt design on “Stereotypes”

 Presentation of the films made according to a chosen stereotype



Excursion on the route Sofia – Koprivshtitsa.

Official dinner of the project participants



Lecture by Dr. Vanya Kastreva – Head of the Regional Department of Education – Sofia town

Meeting with a school psychologist; creating mind maps

Official presentation of certificates for participation of the participants in the project

Participants with their attendance certificates
Participants with their attendance certificates

Text author: Ana Serenčeš